Birdy’s Daughter is an ethically sourced Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee company founded in 2019 by Caron Morgan and Andy Morgan, (no relation). The company is committed to buying directly from licensed and certified Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee farmers and roasting with small batch, artisanal roasters to ensure the highest quality beans are shared with their customers.


  • Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is often called the "champagne of coffees" and is world renowned for its creamy chocolatey and sweet herb notes, smooth finish and utter lack of bitterness. This symbol tells you our product is authentic.
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is grown exclusively in UNESCO designated lands and considered one of the world’s rarest specialty coffees.
  • Birdy’s Daughter is fully certified and licensed by JACRA (Jamaican Agricaktural Commodities Regulatory Authority).
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    The owneer of Birdy's Daughter is a member of the board of Jamaican Women in Coffee organization.

Hi, I'm Birdy's Daughter™!

I was born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada. For years I'd heard about the extremely rare and incredibly delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee. But my life changed when I met a community of independent farmers living in the Blue Mountains. These farmers were cultivating coffee as high as 5,000 feet above sea level, using methods that were centuries old.. One sip and I was hooked.. There was no way, I was going to keep this to myself!

  • So, I teamed up with these incredible men and women and created a company committed to honouring tradition, paying the farmers fairly and making sure as many people as possible get to experience this exotic and rare earthly gift.

    My best to you with love,


"The Best Coffee of my life. Seriously. The Heart Warmer is such a smooth brew that I don't need to add any sugar -- a real bonus with New Year's resolutions looming!"