The Difference in Birdy's Daughter Coffee

Coffee is all about flavor. Every single cup of Birdy's Daughter coffee you experience is smooth with the wonderful flavours that come from Jamaican Blue Mountains. We make sure we work with community farmers committed to inspecting every single, handpicked, organic bean. We pay the farmer fairly so there is no middle man. The environment in which everything grows is always 100% organic, no pesticides, no herbicides. 


When you drink Birdy's Daughter Coffee you will know the difference. It is unlike any other cup of coffee you experience. We are certified, going through a process that ensures everything we share is 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

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Hi Caron,

It’s Cary Rothbart here. I had a technical problem and lost what was in my calendar. Would you please remind me what date and time we are supposed to meeting at Wanda’s Pie in The Sky?

Cary Rothbart

Hi Caron,

It’s Cary Rothbart here. I have had a technical problem and my I have lost what was in my calendar. Would you be able to remning what

Cary Rothbart

Where do you ship your coffee from ? Do you ship to the US? If yes, how long does it take to ship to the US on standard shipping?


Proud of you. I will promote your biz among my networks. The name warms my heart, too. ’miss birdy’s dawta’ done good. Blessings

Evelyn Myrie

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