Specialty Coffee: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Rare Facts)!

Specialty Coffee: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Rare Facts)!

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is JACRA Certified. What does that mean? It means sustainable, highest quality, organic, fair-trade, single origin coffee (the highest grade), licensed and standardized at all levels of coffee production adhering to JACRA certification standards. 

The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) is a statutory body which falls under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF).


It is responsible for the regulation, promotion, standardization and development of the agricultural commodities industry – which includes cocoa, coffee, coconut and the spices (nutmeg, pimento, ginger and turmeric).

JACRA is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of all coffee stakeholders which includes, dealers, manufacturers, processors, operators of works and nurseries, as well as trademark registration licensing and monitoring of users of these trademarks.

JACRA, which commenced operations on January 1, 2018, is an amalgamation of the Cocoa Industry Board, Coffee Industry Board, the regulatory functions of the Coconut Industry Board, and the Export Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries. It is regulated by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority Act, which was established on March 14, 2017, pursuant to the Jamaica Agricultural Regulatory Authority Act of 2017.

Anyone participating in growing or sale of coffee must be licensed and certified to do so under the rigorous standards of JACRA.  
The functions of JACRA embrace the setting of Quality Standards, provision of Quality Assurance and Certification Services and generally focus on governing the trading in the Coffee industry in Jamaica. According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil, with consumption reporting to be about half a trillion cups per year. It is an important industry in many countries for its contribution to socio-economic development and contribution to GDP.

In addition, the ICO states that Jamaica is ranked 45th in world coffee production. Figures for Jamaica High Mountain region from 1953 to 2017 show an average annual production of 188,532.25 boxes per year (1 box equals 62 lbs cherry coffee). Coffee cultivation in Jamaica takes place in the Blue Mountain Area of Jamaica (St. Thomas, St. Andrew and Portland) and the Jamaica High Mountain region (premium grades grown outside of the Blue Mountain area of Jamaica). Birdys Daughter
™ Jamaica Blue Mountain organic grown coffee is produced at Nunk Farm, Cedar Valley St. Thomas, Jamaica. Jamaica’s coffee is notable as a gourmet product and, as such, does not trade on the Commodities Exchanges in New York or London. 


Due to the limited growing space in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, coupled with the fact that this is a widely regarded specialty coffee, it is safe to say Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is among the most sought after coffee in the world. 

You or your loved one will delight in a cup of non-bitter, sweet, aromatic, uplifting Jamaica Blue Mountain Specialty Coffee. Birdy’s Daughter is the perfect gift because it can be enjoyed together, and very often. Your recipient will have joy and contentment for many mornings when you surprise them with the wonderful gift of gourmet coffee. Shop Birdy’s Daughter™ Online Coffee Store for you or a friend today

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