Recognizing Black History Month with Birdy's Daughter

Recognizing Black History Month with Birdy's Daughter

Birdy's Daughter Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee® is delighted to honor Black History Month with a snapshot of the history of coffee in Jamaica.

We incorporated Birdy's Daughter
™, a Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee company, 4 days before Toronto entered lockdown March 2020.


Birdy's Daughter CEO, Caron Morgan writes: 
"As I managed my mental health, business and tiny bubble, I was also learning how a gift of one coffee plant from the Governor of Martinique to the Governor of Jamaica in 1728, turned Jamaica into the world's leading coffee producer from roughly 1800-1840," 

The abolition of slavery ended Jamaica's domination of the coffee industry. Freed slaves turned to growing food for their own consumption. Like the men and women who grow it, the coffee plant proved resilient and thrived in the volcanic soil of the Jamaica Blue Mountains. Birdy's Daughter Coffee
™ is proud to honour the men and women of the Jamaican Blue Mountains who carry on the tradition of growing one of the world's rarest coffees in often very difficult conditions.

We know black history can't be told in a month so let's keep the conversations going, not to divide but to enrich the human family.

Birdy's Daughter Coffee will leave you with a favourite coffee quote by the incomparable, Bob Marley,

"Make my coffee
sweet and warm,
just the way
you used to lie
in my arms."

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