Explore a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Farm (World's Best Coffee!)

Explore a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Farm (World's Best Coffee!)

As you sit down to enjoy Birdys Daughter Jamaica Blue Mountain Specialty Coffee it may be of interest to know the origins of your cup of the world’s best. Birdys Daughter ™ Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee originates in Jamaica’s gorgeous Blue Mountains, named such for their awe inspiring blue hue. Rich in jungle fauna and a vast variety of fruits, chocolate, coffee and herbs grow in the gorgeous Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Jamaica is known for it’s rare, ultra high prized coffee that undergoes strict scrutinization and qualifications to be labelled authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (JACRA Certification). Birdys Daughter meets all JACRA certification and our beans arrive to Canada for roasting, packaging and global shipping all the way from Nunk Farm in St. Thomas Parish, Jamaica. In this article we will educate you about Nunk Farm’s production of the highest quality, finest, organically grown Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in the world for Birdys’ Daughter

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The Richest Coffee in The World 
Blue Mountain Peak coffee is known for its heavenly mixture of flavors, aroma, and remarkable smoothness. Nunk farm produces Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee all year round in the world’s most unique growing conditions perfect for producing rich, flavorful coffee. Nunk Farms Ltd has been in operation since 1994 in the St. Thomas region of the Blue Mountains. All the Coffee at Nunk Farm is Blue Mountain Grade. They operate 5700 ft above sea level on an aggregate acreage of 250-300 acres. Birdys Daughter is so proud to bring coffee from Nunk Farm, in St Thomas Parish to Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee lovers all over the world. Back at the farm, the crops (typically and geisha) are grown at different altitudes which produce almost continuous annual crop yield. Birdys Daughter brings Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in small batches for utmost freshness and quality. Coffee cherry berries are harvested between 6-8 months. They are pulped by machine. Fermented in water 24-36 hours and then are hand washed, placed on a bbq and solar dried. When dried, they are placed in jute bags and put in storage to age. The process takes 8-10 weeks. When Birdys Daughter places a new order for a batch of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee at Nunk Farm, the farm immediately takes green beans to the processing facility where they are hulled, polished and graded. They are graded and sorted into #1 and #2 peaberry and select. The beans are then placed in barrels serially manufactured for storing and shipping coffee. The Coffee is then shipped within days of sorting, to be roasted,  packaged and shipped by Birdys Daughter . When you buy Birdys Daughter Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee you are buying direct from Nunk Farm. Itprecisely located in Cedar Valley, St Thomas, Jamaica. 


What Makes Nunk Farm Extraordinary? 
Nunk Farm Ltd possesses an organic proprietary process for breaking down the skin of the cherry bean (waste from the pulping process). That organic waste is then re-used as fantastic fertilizer. We are utilizing every part of our waste material from the pulping process to fertilize the soil and it ensures we have high aroma, 100% organically grown coffee beans. You can be sure Birdy’s Daughter Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from Nunk Farm is handpicked, free of pesticides or fertilizers and organically grown in every way. 

You or your loved one will delight in a cup of non-bitter, sweet, aromatic, uplifting Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Coffee is the perfect gift because it can be enjoyed together. Your recipient will have joy and contentment for many days after you surprise them with the wonderful gift of gourmet coffee. 


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