Birdy's Daughter Coffee: Healthy & Good For You!

Birdy's Daughter Coffee: Healthy & Good For You!

Coffee is a staple in many people's lives. People think it’s caffeine that makes people nervous jittery, but while caffeine stops you from feeling sleepy, it's not necessarily the cause of your jitters!  

Jitteriness after coffee is due to mould. Yes, mould in coffee contributes to jitteriness. It's true coffee can increase alertness and awareness, however with Birdy's Daughter Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee there is no jittery anxiety. Birdy's Daughter coffee company goes to great lengths to ensure no mould. 

No compromises! We ensure Birdy's Daughter Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee will not contribute to your anxiety. Every effort is made to ensure the finest quality, from shipping in wood barrels to protect from mould. There is caffeine in the coffee, which helps focus, however, because the coffee has been delivered in this pristine condition there is no mould, no jitteriness, no anxiety. To know the coffee we are creating and selling has a tradition of centuries of quality and care. Function knowing this coffee will not cause anxiety. Good for you healthy for you.

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