Best Holiday Gift Ideas! (For The Coffee Lover on Your List)

Best Holiday Gift Ideas! (For The Coffee Lover on Your List)

By far the best holiday gift you can give any coffee lover on your list is the gift of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. Birdys Daughter™ consulted some of Canada’s Industry Experts for their opinion on their favourite holiday gifts and asked hundreds of diverse people what they prefer to get for Christmas. It’s no surprise the best 2022 holiday gift idea is Coffee! People really love coffee. A busy, Toronto Marketing Firm also cites Coffee as their favourite gift to get (and give) when it came to ‘Secret Santa’ at the office. This Christmas, you can make winter as warm, exotic and luxurious as possible by shopping Birdys Daughter™ Jamaica Blue Mountain Store for you or your loved one to enjoy. Thankfully for everyone searching to find the best possible holiday gift, Birdy’s Daughter is here to show you 2022’s Best Holiday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover on Your List: 

Best 2022 Holiday Gift Idea?

Why it’s great? When we asked our roaster to describe this beautiful coffee, he paused, thought for a moment and then said, "Heart Warming"
Our finest single-origin, Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is world-renowned for it's exquisite flavour with no bitterness and the smoothest finish.
JACRA certified
Elevation 4,200-5,000 feet above sea level
Organic, Solar dried, Typica Arabica Medium roasted in small batches
Grade 1 beans, 12oz sealed aluminum gusseted bag with valve. zipper closure
Notes: Chocolate, cherry, sweet herbs, incredibly smooth finish

Best 2022 Holiday Gift Idea?

Why it’s great?
We paired 75%  of our premium Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee with 25% Brazilian Eldorado to create a combination that is chocolaty, rich and delicious.True compatibility allows everyone to shine and this blend does just that!

Birdys Daughter Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is bought direct from Nunk Farm in St. Thomas, Jamaica. This exquisite coffee has a smooth, Medium Roasted in small batches with notes of chocolate, cherry, sweet herbs.

Best 2022 Holiday Git Idea?
Why It’s Great?
These mugs read on both sides.  "Not all who wander are lost- some are just looking for coffee.” Perfect! It’s the best holiday gift idea for any coffee connoisseur.

Best 2022 Holiday Gift Idea?

Why It’s Great?
The mug is an ultra high quality ceramic with Birdys Daughter™ Exclusive Design. It’s an 11 oz mug which is dishwasher and microwave safe. It will bring your recipient so much delight as they remember the thoughtful gesture. 

Best 2022 Holiday Gift Idea?
Why It’s Great? This is a Japanese made product to fully experience the flavor of Birdys Daughter
™ Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Did you know? Brew ratio matters, that is, the ratio of water and coffee used. Common ratio is 1g coffee per 15-20 ml water. Ultimately using less water results in stronger albeit less extracted coffee. 

The perfect starter kit to help you enjoy the world's finest coffee, and the best, world’s most rare, delicious, specialty coffee sure to please every coffee lover on your list this Christmas!  After surveying a bunch of busy, bustling, business people in downtown Toronto, it became quite clear that coffee is a highly valued and appreciated gift to get or give. So get giving the best holiday gift of Birdys Daughter™ Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Make holidays great with unique, gifts people will actually savor.
Thanks for being a part of Birdys Daughter
Coffee Community.

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